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Tammy Hoffman (Bomber)
David Lynch (Bomber)
Darrel Rumble (Bomber)
Jack McGuirk (Factory Stock)
Jerry Hoffman (Factory Stock)
Chris Lynch (Bomber

Tammy, David and Chris are brothers and sister that like to trade paint on the track. Jerry is Tammys husband. Jack and Darrel are married to nieces of Tammy and David. Tammy, David and Chris grew up around racing, their dad Joe Lynch built sprint cars prior to the formation of World of Outlaws in the Sacramento California area. Joe is a big help to us all, he has forgot more about race cars than any of the rest of us will ever know. The Mickey Mouse car above was built by Joe and driven by the late Gene Corey, Joes long time friend. Joes nephew Kenny Russow also was a one time driver, driving on some of the old tracks around the Joplin Mo area such as the Greentop, Ozark and 71 speedway.  And now we have a new commer this year.

This is one family that is just crazy about Saturday night Dirt Track Racing. There are 7 kids in Tammy and David's family. Their Brother Chris is always in the pits helping all of us. There are 4 more girls in the family, Joanie the oldest just moved away to Nevada, Joanie we are going to miss you this year(You can always hear Joanies voice, even over the motors HAHA) Linda, who is heading up the trophy presentations this year. Debbie is always there rooting us on, Carry is her husband. Then there is the youngest of all of them Brenda. You can never forget their Mom and Dad, Shirley and Joe Lynch, they are our biggest fans and supporters. Joe began building sprint cars for the guys that started the World of Outlaws before they was even WoW. The Micky car above driven by the late Gene Corey ran at Silver Dollar Speedway and other tracks around the Sacremento CA area back in the 60's. Joe is always there to give all of us advice, sometimes the advice he gives us would get us DQed. David's wife Tammie Kay and their son Josh is always there to cheer for us. Jack's wife Heather and daughter Tessa have a deep passion for racing. Besides Matt, Tammy and Jerry have another son, 9 year old Kameron who thinks racing is everything, then there is the 12 year olds Kayla and Jessica who love to get out there and get dirty with Dad working on the cars. In total there are 58 people in the family from Shirley and Joe to their kids then their grandkids and great grandkids. They all love coming out to the track, so you always know when a All in the Family Racing car enters the track if you set down toward the pit gate in the stands, they are one crazy but very fun bunch to be around.